The challenge

It is a business startup competition for Canada-based entrepreneurs. The entrants can win up to $25,000 to start their business. They can also gain practical insights about starting and expanding a business. Our objective is to create an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure to develop successful companies in Canada.


  • Your business must be based in Canada.
  • All businesses must have business models in the start-up phase.
  • The business idea must be innovative and should cover any area including technology, health, food, education, etc.


  • Complete the online orientation program and quiz.
  • Attend 4 workshops on planning and developing business.
  • Meet with a business advisor regularly throughout the competition.
  • Upload your business plan to our website for review.


1st Place Award: $25,000

2nd Place Award: $15,000

3rd Place Award: $10,000

Last year there were 400 entrants; this year we expect more participants in this competition. The competition will take place in several stages. In each stage, there will be elimination. Apart from the winning money, the competition will expose you to various industries. It will give you networking opportunities. You will be able to learn from others and get a practical experience of starting up a business. This competition is a huge learning platform that will help you throughout your life.